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Listing Alerts

Listing Alerts
Drive Buyers Back to Your Website

A Listing Alert is an email based touch point that showcases specific properties within the body of an email. This consists of a home type, price point, and zip code and is fully customizable by the lead or manually by yourself.

When you send Listing Alerts from your MLS you do not get any tracking data nor can you connect them to your lead database. Enough disconnected systems! Send Listing Alerts using the same data from your MLS out of Team Leads and keep track of the properties that drive your buyers back to your website.

Automatically Generated Tasks for You and Your Agents

Auto Tasks
Automate Mission Critical Tasks

Auto Tasks are assignable actions that are designed to guide agent activity and workflow, maximizing team efficiency through task automation, ensuring tasks are assigned at the right time.

A library of Auto Tasks are available for ease of use, and templates are easily editable for your own use within the pre-loaded Auto Task library.

Auto Task workflow can also be carefully created, allowing for customized condition based triggering, aligning priorities and actions throughout your team.

Drip Plans

Drip Plans
Build Beautiful Campaigns

Drip Plans are powerful, automated communication emails that are proven to accelerate time sensitive communications and to promote conversion through consistent, structured, customized emails, calls and messaging.

Your Drip Plan email sequencing will provide you with the automation you need to drive leads deeper into your process, ultimately guiding them toward the point of sale.

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