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Business Management

Measure, analyze and interpret conversion data
to improve lead generation

Lead Conversion Reports

Lead Conversion Reports
Know Your Numbers

Our Traffic Dashboard will provide you with detailed information across all your traffic generation activities. The Dashboard includes visitor counts, number of pages viewed, leads generated and conversion rates so you can quickly view complete traffic performance at a glance.

Marketing Engagement Reports

Marketing Engagement Reports
Measure Campaign ROI

Our pay-per-click campaign reporting includes all key performance data you need for a detailed look into your lead generation performance. We include your overall advertising costs, leads generated, cost-per-lead, and other key performance metrics.

Email Stats
Listing Alerts Stats

Lead Source Quality Reports
Lead Quality Matters

No lead source sends you the same information about a lead. When you don't get complete information, it affects your ability to qualify and convert. With our Lead Source Quality report we measure the number of leads with valid emails, phone numbers, and motivation to act. You can now decipher which lead sources offer you the best chance to convert leads.

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