Team Accountability

Team Accountability

Team Accountability

Statistics on Agent Activity
Goal Setting
Daily Activities Tracking
MAPS Coaching
Set Goals for your Team

Goal Setting
Hold Agents Accountable to High Standards

Set goals for your team that will drive lead conversion. Calls, emails, appointments, and showings can be measured to ensure your agents are completing activities that move the needle. Also, don't just set goals, display the team's goals to motivate your team through competition.

Agent Scorecard

Track Agents’ Activity
Track Agents' Daily Activities By Core Actions

Our Agent Scorecard is a dynamic dashboard that will provide you with detailed insight into your team’s performance. Metrics include calls made, appointments booked, agreements signed, showings, pending leads, and an overall score based on these activities. The Scorecard can also be sent directly to your email daily, keeping you up to date on your team’s contribution to your goals.

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